A New Element to the Activities Industry

Folly at the Dunkeld Hermitage on a walk with Unique Adventure Tours Dog 'Bronson'

Can private tours elevate the client experience in the Outdoor Activities Industry and Experience market in Scotland, by giving a more personal product, from guides and the accompanying services and hospitality?

Providing a consistancy in transport, logistics and guide (on and off activities), Unique Adventure Tours Scotland is hoping to be part of this evolution in ‘Client Experience Elevation’ – taking each ellement of the tour experience and giving it an extra polish and shine with just a little more care and attention to detail.

Less Crowds – More Care.

The growing trend and availability to book a private trip or activity from providers of traditionally high turnover products like whitewater rafting, touring and even wide-ranging sightseeing has given people the opportunity to feel more in control of their choices, and more involved and invested in the activities themselves. This seems like an obvious natural progression as everything becomes more accessible to more people, with a diversity of interests and ambitions.

Although this involves an increase in cost to the client, this is outweighed by the quality, personability and client satisfaction achieved – raising the bar on what is possible and informing the industry on how it can evolve and stay relevant to clients needs and desires.

Every industry learns by trial and error to a certain extent, changing and developing to survive. Will small custom tour providers be the test ground to help large tour and activity providers see how they can continue to keep customers attention and create longevity for themselves by adopting just some of the smaller details into their business – giving the whole industry and it’s providers an increased public perception of quality, increasing the value of outdoor adventure and activities beyond just monetary value, but also the personal, natural, physical and mental benafits to everyone involved from client, to guide, to management.

An industry to enrich us all.

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