7 Crazy Adventures in Scotland

Adventures in Scotland

The Best Scotland Adventures

If you are looking for genuine adventure here in Scotland then look no further. We facilitate some of the best outdoor activities in and around Scotland. We also specialise in luxury adventure tours that explore the adventurous side of Scotland. Below are our top seven experiences that capture the heart of adventure in Scotland. Check out our Tours for more ideas.

1 White Water Rafting in the highlands of Scotland

There is nothing more exciting than entering the raging rapids in an inflatable raft. As the boat bucks, twists, and sinks with the surging white water, the adrenaline inside you is sure to be released. Scotland has some fantastic white water rafting rivers and few are more exciting than the River Findhorn. The Findhorn marries spectacular scenery with exceptional white water.  More information  here>>>>

2 Paddle Boarding on Loch Tay, Perthshire.

Imagine taking a small paddle board out into the middle of one of Scotland’s great Lochs. Once out in the Loch, you get to practice the various paddleboard techniques as well as take some time to relax and experience nature like never before. Wide-open spaces, over 150 meters of water below you, the infinite sky above, mountains on either side. Be sure to bring a GoPro for this experience. Breathtaking.  More information  here>>>>

3 Canyoning Adventures in Scotland

Become Indiana Jones for the day. Strap on your adventurous side and descend into the depths of a canyon. Waterfalls, swimming, jumping, abseiling is all part of the adventure as you descend and explore places few people have ever seen in person. More information  here>>>>


4 Via Ferrata adventure in the highlands of Scotland

Almost the opposite adventure to Canyoning. In Via Ferrata, you will get to climb high above the canyon, experience the thrill of rock climbing without the effort. Experience the mind-boggling heights, the excitement and adrenaline as you traverse over waterfalls and cliffs secure in your harness. More information  here>>>>

5 Bungee jumping Scotland

There is nothing quite like the thrill and excitement you get when you jump.  Fully harnessed up, safe and secure it is still an amazing mental game as you stand at the edge looking out over the abyss. The ledge has some power and when you dive headfirst into the abyss connected with just a big rubber band. WOW, crazy Scottish adventures to the max. A must experience adventure in Scotland More information  here>>>>

6 Go Munro Bagging

It wouldn’t be a crazy Scottish adventure without bagging at least one Munro. Strap on that backpack get your hiking socks on and get ready to see Scotland from the sky. This is the iconic scenery that every Scottish tourist board uses to promote. Feeling the wind, rain, and sun in your face as you walk up the mountain, is something to experience. Along the way, you will meet many folks and see sights many an author has immortalised in prose. More information  here>>>>


7 Raise Your Glass one of Scotlands many distillery tours

The last crazy Scottish adventure isn’t really crazy or adventurous. Well, it may start that way but after sampling many whiskies who knows what the day will bring. More information  here>>>>

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