Booking Information for Unique Adventure Tours Scotland

Booking your all inclusive Unique Adventure Tour

How do we pay for our tour?
Online booking platform or we will email a link for both bank transfer and card payment. A tour is only reserved once we receive the non-refundable deposit of 50% of the tour cost per person.

When is the balance due?
Balances are due 7 days prior to the tour start date, but can be settled at any time. (see the Terms and Conditions for cancellation charges).

Can we ask you to hold off dates and reserve rooms while we decide if we wish to book?
Unfortunately we cannot start reserving slots or accommodation until we have received a deposit.

Do you sell insurance or flight tickets?
We do not sell insurance for our tours and recommend that you take out a suitable policy for your tour. We are not a flight agent and advise that you check flights with a local broker or with the relevant airlines.

What information do you require from me?
The booking process involves filling out an online form with the details we require to book the tour – names of guests, dates of birth (required for some activities), contact details and special instructions, plus room type required.

What terms and conditions is the tour booked under?
Please see our specific terms and conditions for full details.