Developing Trust & Confidence in Adventure

white water rafting with unique adventure tours scotland

Having the confidence to try new activities can be a challenge, new environments, new people, strange clothing and possibly even conquering some fears. This is why I feel that Unique Adventure Tours Scotland has the perfect solution to these worries – Developing Trust & Confidence in Adventure.

I have spent years working with a wide variety of age groups and social groups as an activity guide in Scotland, from white-water rafting and river bugging, to canyoning, climbing and abseiling. Developing the best ways to get the best out of every individual, from the nervous to the excitable, the fearful to fearless!

You may never have been in a gorge or canyon in your life, never mind trying to manoeuvre and navigate your way down one, with patience and clear detailed instruction at the heart of every activity, you will be surprised at how adept you become as the adventure unfolds – who knows, you may even ascend the odd waterfall!!

This ethos applies to all the activities and adventures with Unique Adventure Tours Scotland, from powering your way down stunning rivers white-water rafting, guiding your own river bug through rapids and over drops, to scaling the Grey Mares Tail canyon on the Via Ferrata.

Being aware of these details in people can be hard amongst large groups, this is why our tours and activities at Unique Adventure Tours Scotland are kept to small personal groups, with myself as your guide throughout. This offers so much more opportunity for you to fully experience the adventure and activities reassured by knowing your guide (me ) that bit more, sharing skills and knowledge to help you fully immerse yourself in where we are and what we are doing, without trying to be heard above the crowd!

If it is more than a brief encounter with adventure that you’re after, something to share with good friends and family, then Unique Adventure Tours Scotland is the ideal choice.

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