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Waterfalls at the Falls of Dochart in Killin with Unique Adventure Tours Scotland

Clambering about the rocks at the Falls of Dochart in Killin.

Located at the western end of Loch Tay, the famous white waters of the Falls of Dochart can be viewed from the village’s bridge.

Admire the misty spray rising in the air as the waters of the river crash into the rocks then flow around the Islands of Inchbuie, known as the traditional and ancient burial place of Clan Macnab.

The spectacular Falls of Dochart, one of Scotland’s more impressive, and certainly one of its most easily accessible, waterfalls. Perhaps the most striking thing about the falls are their extreme variability.

The waters that flow through the river drain an area to the west that includes the eastern side of Ben Lui and the northern side of Ben More, and the falls themselves can vary from a flow so low it can be hard to spot amongst the many rocks of the river bed, to a raging torrent that completely covers most of those rocks.

At the Killin or lower end of the falls, the flow narrows and is directed through four channels of unequal width crossed by the Bridge of Dochart.

Clan MacNab Burial Ground

An island in the middle of the river on the downstream side of the bridge is known as Innis Bhuidhe. This is home to the Clan MacNab Burial Ground. Its use dates back to the 1700s. An oblong enclosure within the burial ground is home to fifteen graves, nine of which are the final resting places of clan chiefs, plus a medieval grave slab which suggests that at least one earlier burial did take place here.

Killin is a great place to visit and explore, from river and lochside walks, the Falls as described here, ancient ruins, all set amongst Killins thriving wee town at the West end of Loch Tay…the perfect rest point on your way to or from Glencoe and the West Cost.

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