Killiecrankie Zip Park

Killiecrankie Zip Park


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Killiecrankie Zip Park

Fun Facts About Zip Lines:

When you hear the word zipline, the first thought that comes to mind is an adventure.

Ziplines have become more and more popular over the past five to ten years, that in fact most people you talk to have been ziplining. It seems the perfect addition to the Killiecrankie Highland Fling setup – the Killie Zip.

Believe it or not zip lines have been around for centuries, but gained popularity in the late 70’s when wildlife biologists started stringing cables from tree to tree to navigate through the rainforests.

This led to the discovery of zip line tours and canopy as a means of ecotourism because scientists were able to study certain ecosystems without destroying the rainforest floors.

Today, all you hear about is the adventure and thrill of the zip line experience and less and less of the ecotourism aspect of zip lining – the addition of the Killiecrankie Zip Park reinforces its eco-tourism credentials.

The longest zip line in the world is in the UAE’s highest mountain, Jebel Jais. It’s 2.83 kilometres long, which is equivalent to 28 football pitches. It’s about 1,680 meters above sea level. It can handle one rider every 5 minutes because of it’s length!

The informal definition of ZIP is “move at a high speed”

A zip­­-line can also be referred to as zip line, zipline, zip wire, death slide, flying fox, aerial rope slide, and foefie slide.

Children in china use a zipline to cross a wide gorge to travel back and forth to school.

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