Not All Adventures Need to be Extreme

Trail walking on tour in Scotland on your Scottish Adventure

Although my outdoor activity background is based in what are known as ‘Extreme’ sports, whitewater rafting, climbing, canyoning and others. Having always considered adventures or adventure activities as anything a little out of the normal day to day work life experiences, not just jumping off cliffs and waterfalls. This is why I would like to discuss a little more about my ethos with my Private Adventure and Activity Tours.

From taking a new side trail on a walk you do regularly and finding a new view or clearing in the woods with magical light and untouched moss mountains.

The feeling of achievement at getting to the top of a hill or Munro, and enjoying a view you have never seen before, stopping to take in the world laid out in front of you.

Even a day of being driven to new places or parts of the country you have never been to, or explored before and enjoying the time to immerse yourself as you travel through at your own pace, no rush, no pressure.

Whether its a place or activity you go to or do all the time, the thrill of a new skill attained or interest discovered by chance, even a new found passion you want to share with friends and family; there is always an adventure to be had.

*Creating the Best Balance for you and your time with Private Adventure and Activity Tours:

By developing a rapport and good line of communication with you the client from the offset, helping you get the best out of your time on tour – from food and drink to activity and relaxation, with a few key elements we can build around to begin the design process.

I feel that even a few simple conversations can help get a better idea of you and your holiday/break requirements and thus create the best grouping of adventure and activities, food and hospitality for you and your group.

*Relevant links to existing tours and activities that may be of interest:

Here are a small selection of my pre-design private tours for you to look over and use as inspiration to create your own custom adventure tour, or if you like what you see then please get in touch to book your tour directly.

I hope this short article is of some help in your travel decision making process, if you would like any further information or detail on adventure tours or just private tours in general, please contact me directly for a chat.

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