River Bugging – Being in control of your own destination!

unique adventure tours scotland river bugging on the river tummel

Working in Scotlands adventure activity industry, River Bugging was the first outdoor activity that really got me into Adventure Sports and Guiding as a profession. As a trainee guide, it seemed the perfect activity to develop and broaden my skills, with clients, with whitewater, with my own limits and how to help everyone involved get the most fun and enjoyment out of the experience.

After all that is the main reason for both clients and guides to want to do this kind of activity in the first place, it’s something new, something to be excited about and something to do for FUN.

[shots below in the River Tummel & the Spean Gorge River Bugging Tours].

River Bugging?

This unique way of navigating rivers and the features presented is a great way for everyone to get to explore these hidden places, like a one-person inflatable armchair (without the slippers and TV).

You are in control of your own destination! With my help, and the help of the other guides on the trip you will learn to read the rapids, navigate the river and be exhilarated at the fun you can have.

All relevant equipment is supplied – from wetsuits and buoyancy aids to encouragement and hilarity:)

How best to describe a River Bugging trip to you, it seems it would be to talk you through a typical session, whether on the River Tummel, The Spean Gorge or even exploring the River Etive, there are some key and common factors throughout.

To get the trip started, everyone is given a full personal kit/equipment brief, from the wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet to the right footwear and accessories (webbed gloves and a sence of adventure).

Once we are all changed and ready to set off to the river for a full dry land introduction and instructional brief on how to control and navigate your River Bug, from powering yourself to stearing, how to approach and navigate rapids, right through to self-rescue techniques and whitewater swim safety.

Taking to the Water

With all that covered and questions answered, now is the time to hit the river and practice our moves on some introductory sections of water to get you fully prepared. The whole time, we the guides are there to help keep you safe, motivated and of course, having some great fun while doing it!

Throughout the trip you are guided through a selection of rapids, falls and sections of technical water to navigate our way downriver, not only an exhilarating activity but a stunning place to be and way to travel.

Being in these, sometimes remote places gives you an even more special way to enjoy and explore Scotland and it’s natural wonders.

I have always loved sharing River Bugging as it seems such a simple way to have a totally new experience with nature, an immersive adventure, inspiring and motivating, both during and after the trip has finished.

I highly recommend trying to include a River Bugging trip into your Unique Adventure Tour whilst in Scotland, the landscape is perfect for these one person adventure craft.

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