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Unique Adventure Tours Scotland Via Ferrata in Kinlochleven near Fort William

Adventure activities are abundant in Scotlands natural playground, with a landscape which is perfect for a wide range of adventures and activities.

Via Ferrata is a prime example, it is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations (including Scotland) giving you the ability to scale rockfaces, canyon gorges and previously inaccessible places.

The term “Via Ferrata” is used in most countries and languages except notably in German-speaking regions, which use Klettersteig—”climbing path” – really just a literal description of what you are doing.

The minimum gear you need for a Via Ferrata consists of a Via Ferrata lanyard, a harness and a helmet, all of which are supplied as standard – other than this you will need suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for mixed weather and environments. Scotland, as we all know, offers up to all four seasons in one day, and this includes weather, so being prepared is key to your comfort and enjoyment.

In Scotland, the Via Ferrata you could be tackling is actually the very first in Scotland and only the second set up in the whole of the UK, and they have chosen a stunning spot for it.

Scotland’s first Via Ferrata – a 500m climbing route equipped with steel ladders, cables and bridges – snakes through the crags around the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall, allowing non-climbers to experience the thrill of climbing (you’ll need a head for heights, though!).

One of Scotland’s biggest cascades of fast-flowing water, the route you’ll be clambering tops out at around 90m, just above the mouth of the waterfall at 85m.

This combined with expert guiding ensures you are in the safest hands possible allowing you to experience and enjoy this seemingly inaccessible environment.

After that, all that is left for you to do is a leisurely trek back to Kinlochleven, and a well-earned refreshment and possible feed – another amazing adventure to be had…for the tastebuds.

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