The Benefits of Small Independent Tour Providers

Unique Adventure Tours Scotland walking up to Steall Waterfall near Fort William

By staying focused on small, personable groups, Unique Adventure Tours Scotland is able to direct all of its knowledge and energies towards making your adventure tour memorable, special and one you will have fond memories of to share. These are some of the benefits of small independent Tour Providers

I have always enjoyed sharing my love of Scotland and its amazing activity playground with others, especially those who are passionate about taking on new challenges and adventures.

My love of Scotland and its wild outdoors developed when introduced to outdoor activities by some of my friends who worked at the local rafting and activity company in Aberfeldy (Splash Whitewater Rafting), starting as a trainee supporting other guides as a second on trips, driving groups to and from their activities and generally getting involved in the day to day work of helping people do exciting things they never thought they could do, and watching them excel their expectations and delight in their achievements.

Sharing these moments with people is a great way to spend your time and energies, inspiring the next wave of clients to feel confident to try new things, even if a little nervous or unsure how they will do – there is always a success in there to be had.

With small groups, you can really expand the whole experience for each individual in a more personally tailored way, from conquering fears to developing skills and confidence, making it more than just a fleeting moment, but possibly something to do more often.

Without the inspiration, encouragement and openness of others to share with me the joys and benefits of outdoor adventure and activities, there would be no Unique Adventure Tours Scotland, and therefore a little less fun to be had.

The Pros of Small Independent Tour Providers:

  • Convenience – When you take a tour, someone else handles all the details. You choose an itinerary, pay the tour operator and let the professionals deal with airlines, drivers, guides, and hotels. All you need to do is arrive at your departure point on time.
  • Worry-free travel – Some travellers like the challenge of solving problems themselves. If you would rather worry about what to wear to dinner than where to eat, a group tour can provide a stress-free travel experience.
  • Learning experiences – Tour groups offer many ways to discover cultures, learn new skills and study the subjects you have always wanted to know about. Tour operators understand travellers’ preferences and continue to refine their itineraries and programs.
  • Tour guides – If you are visiting a place for the first time, you will enjoy taking a group tour with a knowledgeable guide. Well-informed guides add value to your tour experience. Today’s technology allows you to walk away from the group to examine something and still hear what your guide is saying. When you have free time, your guide will know some good restaurants and can tell you how to find the places you want to visit.

Make Your Choice

Grab a sheet of paper and write down your personal list of tour group pros and cons. You will probably discover that you strongly prefer either the tour group or independent travel option. If your list is evenly balanced, consider taking a weekend group tour – a “test drive,” so to speak – to find out if you like the experience.

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