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Unique Experiences Scotland

Unique Experiences Scotland:

Bringing an extra level of luxury & personability to our tours is what gives you the time to immerse yourself in every moment, every unique experience, ensuring your visit is filled with rewarding experiences, cherished memories, and a rekindled sense of adventure – these are Unique Experiences Scotland.

Take a look below at my selection of Unique Experiences to include in your tour itinerary, from Yoga & Meditation sessions, Foraging & Naturecraft, Nordic Walking, and Luxury Tea Tasting Experiences, designed to complement your experience in Scotland, bringing you closer to the people and nature that this country is renowned for.

Take a look at the experiences below to find out a little more about your unique adventure tour, and review our booking and terms – see terms and conditions.

Yoga Experiences and Meditation

Yoga & Meditation Experiences

To complement your adventure tour why not book a one-to-one yoga session with Tina Logan or join in one of her morning, daytime, and evening classes?

We believe Yoga is for everyone and we are committed to supporting real people in their search for change, personal growth, health, well-being, and happiness. The perfect way to unwind, rebalance and refresh your body and mind after activities.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of yoga whatever your age or experience in Tina’s private studio at Fernbank House.

Find out more about Tina Logan Yoga.

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Outdoor Education & Natural Wellness Experiences

Nature Craft, Foraging & Wellness Experiences

Lauren Lochrie is a zoologist, beekeeper, and all-around plantswoman with many years of experience in creating and enhancing spaces for people and wildlife.

By running a range of facilitated walks (such as foraging and mindfulness) & ‘Homemade’ workshops (such as making creams and bath salts with natural ingredients), Lauren aims to help people reconnect with nature and the nature of themselves.

These workshops enable people to become more self-sufficient, helping to build resilience as a result of adopting creative and sustainable life choices.

Find out more about Lauren from Herbal Homestead.

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Nordic Walking in Highland Perthshire

Nordic & Mindful Walking

Nordic Walking is a great form of exercise, good for the body and soul, improves balance, core strength, and general fitness, Nordic walking is a Finnish-origin total-body version of walking that can be done both by non-athletes as a health-promoting physical activity and by athletes as a sport. The activity is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles.

Learn the technique and participate in walks at various venues throughout Highland Perthshire with Eilidh, a certified British Nordic Walking instructor who has lived and grown up in the area, helping bring a refreshing new element to your walking adventures.

Find out more about Nordic Walking Highland Perthshire.

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Tea Tasting Experiences Scotland

Tea Tasting Experiences

Serving up the most delicious breakfasts, lunches, and wonderful fabulously indulgent home baking Hettie’s is one of Pitlochry and Perthshire’s favourite tearooms! This is why when you are looking for a different kind of tasting experience, Hettie’s Tearoom is the place to go.

Having created 21 of their own blends of loose leaf tea! – sit back and enjoy the flavour explosion as you work your way through a selection of hand-picked flavours to compliment your day, your mood, even your slice of cake…

Treat yourself to this amazing addition to your unique Scottish experience.

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