What to wear Paddleboarding?

Stand-up Paddleboarding what to wear when Paddleboarding

What should I wear when Stand-up Paddleboarding?

There are many opinions on a subject like this as you would imagine, and this is by no means a definitive list or description, but helpful I hope in giving you a place to start from.

It is always good to get a wide range of thoughts on this, based on location, skill level, weather and budget. The key things are to be safe, comfortable and suitable for the conditions, if in doubt, ask someone who knows.

Be prepared – have a good warm change of clothes or suitable for after your paddleboarding, avoids getting a chill or prolonged fatigue.

Below are some guidelines to work with and build on as you see fit.

What to wear Paddleboarding in the Summer?

Probably my favourite time of year and the most popular time of year for paddleboarding – Summer. In terms of clothing, it’s probably one of the easiest months to dress for as well.


Quick-dry shorts, base layer top or t-shirt. Possibly an extra layer depending on the weather. Top layer or lightweight waterproof. Bare feet, old trainers or neoprene shoes if getting in and out of rivers. Coiled leash and Personal Flotation Device.

Top tips for summer paddling:

When touring throughout summer, lightweight clothing that will keep you cool when generating heat, but also dry quickly if you do fall in is perfect. In the surf you’re likely to be spending more time in the water, so something that will keep you warm but will also offer maximum flexibility for freedom of movement and not get heavy when wet is ideal.

What to wear Paddleboarding in the Spring/Autumn?

As the seasons change you may find you need to add a few more layers to your SUP outfit in order to stay comfortable but very little changes from your summer attire.


Quick-dry shorts, base layer top or t-shirt, top layer with possible lightweight waterproof. Thermal shorts or dry trousers if a little cooler. Neoprene shoes or boots. Coiled leash and Personal Floatation Device or gas inflatable aid.

Top tips for autumn paddling:

Overall I like to go for lightweight clothing that will keep you cool when generating heat, but also dries quickly if you do fall in. There is an increased need in Spring and Autumn to keep the wind off but also make sure that if you get wet you’ll stay warm.

When touring carrying a dry bag with an extra layer or two in is useful should the conditions change whilst you’re out. A SUP jacket is perfect for this time of year.

What to wear Paddleboarding in the Winter?

Remember being active will help keep you warm in winter on your SUP so don’t overdress. Thinner layers are easier to regulate your temperature when you are on your paddleboard.


Thermal base layers, waterproof top and dry trousers. Drysuit in most extreme conditions. Palmless mitts. Coiled leash and Personal Flotation Device or gas inflatable aid. 6mm Neoprene boots.

Top tips for winter paddling:

Make sure you keep the extremities warm so good boots, and mitts are great on the hands to keep the wind off. If I know I’m going to get wet and be working hard then Neoprene and or drysuits work well.

So Surf or White Water, I dress for immersion. However, if I’m touring or recreationally paddling then I’ll overheat pretty quickly in these. This is where I prefer to wear quick-drying, insulating but breathable gear. Layering works really well and taking a small dry bag with neoprene or thermal top can be a good back up.

Most importantly with all types of paddling, I wear a leash and often back it up with another flotation device, so even in the coldest environments, I can always get back on my main piece of flotation.

Paddleboarding in Perthshire

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